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Lone Drifter

Lone Drifter

By knowwhodoyou

She's standing on the edge of a bowl of water, trying to think for a plausible reason on which way to jump. Surviving.

Walking around in circles was pointless. Plaintively, wondering where to go, she tries to assess her situation.

She hated the fact that she'd been wandering from group to group, sometimes staying for longer times than others, sometimes instantly rejected. She hated, loathed, abhored, detested and resented being the nomad she was right now.

Never had she been more confuddled by the ritual of friendship. Of course she wanted friends but she was not aware of how socially awkward it was to the people who had intentions to be her friend. So, she drifted. It was not always her fault, however. Sometimes people didn't even know her before they judged her.

Her life at home is a shipwreck lodged into a stormy ocean. She's trying her hardest to keep it together. Her mother and father are always fighting, throwing insults at each other while they battle to keep their son alive. Her older brother is dying from leukemia and their family do not have money for his radiation therapy.

Inside she is a nice person with good intentions. She's often overlooked. She wants to be like everyone else but is finding it difficult. All she wants is too fit in and enjoy life like most other girls of her age.


She takes the risk of jumping.
Miracles can happen.

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About The Author
About This Story
30 Mar, 2011
Read Time
1 min
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