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Long Distance Will Forever Suck
Long Distance Will Forever Suck

Long Distance Will Forever Suck


Feels like right when you are out of the black hole, you feel lost. You don´t feel anything anymore and part of you wants to go back to that black hole just so you can feel something. You can say a lot of things , but at the same time your mind is silent. The only person who can probably make you feel anything lives miles away. All you can do is dream of being next to him and you won´t ever want to wake up. You would always and forever choose him over anyone, anytime. The scary part is that you might not ever want to let go because if you do, you feel lost. You fall in love with his smile, the way his expressions makes you want to grab his precious face, you fall for him over and over. He is your everything and forever will be, no matter what you feel it. He´s the one for you. I will love you endlessly, patiently, truly forever.

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9 Dec, 2019
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