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A Long Trail
A Long Trail

A Long Trail


Dear Someone,

I think I have forgotten lately, that there is much more to the world than I used to think there was. It's been a long trip, and heaven knows I'm still trying to find the end of the journey, trying to find a place to settle down where I can be happy. And perhaps I will never find that place, but that's not a problem, because this, whatever it is, isn't so bad. The trail is long and there are bumps, and sometimes I fall. Sometimes I scrape my leg. But then the gash scabs over and I'm okay again. For the most part, most days anyways, it is relatively smooth. Of course it is never going to be without trouble, it is what it is, and I get that now. I used to struggle with it, get angry at the trail because it wasn't made flat, that it had issues. I think now though that it has helped me to get through it. I'm starting to learn how to stop and appreciate the surroundings, I may hate this particular forest but there are parts of it I will miss. And peices of it that I will take with me, figuratively. I just wish I could have seen it sooner, I've wasted so much time and now I must try to make up for it. I hope to see you soon, when our paths align again, it is a small world.



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9 Mar, 2019
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1 min
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