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Looking at you
Looking at you

Looking at you

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It's a new day of fresh start. I get ready to go to school, while thinking about him. My feelings have been unrequited and sworn in secrecy even from friends due to circumstances. I see him. He looks as happy as ever, and starts cracking up jokes for everyone to laugh at. Our eyes meet, but he looks away continuing with his story. I glance at my friends all immersed in their own private world. My heart sighs and I begin the day somewhat defeated. I see him whispering to his "crush" and her giggling or getting fake mad at him. My heart crumbles at the scene but what am I to do, if I don't fit in the picture? The day slowly ends and he is always attatched to her, I walk by and he looks at me with an unknown emotion. Later I realize that the emotion was pity, for the me who never talks and just sits like a ghost. My heart finally breaks unleashing all my sorrow. Touching the cool glass of my reflection, I whisper "why?. He was my first love and the only person my vain heart could love. I would have done anything for him but it is too late. It has been five years since. I haven't seen him since graduation. From mutual friends I heard he is getting married to a girl of his parents like. I could only smile and think, "I hope he can lead a happy life" as I clutch the hand of my daughter.

Author Notes: This is my first story and while it does have elements of sadness, I have decided to add a happy ending. Hope you like it!

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2 Dec, 2017
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1 min
3.0 (1 review)

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