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Lord give me more patience.
Lord give me more patience.

Lord give me more patience.


I know through out this life, I can meet more rude, ill-mannered, self centered and a lot worst person. Don't do to others what you don't want to do unto you.

That's why i wanted to be so careful in everything i do because i don't what to bounce back what i did bad to others. But sometimes the more careful i am the more things happens without my control. I just realized that i can never ever protect myself for the pain that might other people can cause me.

I wanted to be nice to other people for they can also return the favor, be nice to me as well. But in this world. you can never have back what you gave. I can never get the same result. Because of freedom. People can do whatever they want. You can never please them to accepts you and like you back.

I've learned that being nice to other does not mean you want them to be nice to you in return.

Be nice and kind because that's who you are. The you that never expecting anything in return.

Each one of us born to have different life point of you. Even you don't do anything harm to them they still don't like you. It's nothing to do with your actions but they don't like you just the way you are. without explanation.

You can never please them. You don't need to show them what you are and what you are capable of doing. Because these people are just passers by in your life. They are those people who will persecute you. they don't actually remember you. At that moment they are just annoyed by you.

So stop making showing them affection because non of it matters anymore. They are the one who has problem in their own.

It sad that we are supposed to empower our fellow woman. Like Mama Mary want us to be, a woman with grace that look up for each other. But now, everything become competition to us.

Author Notes: I pray for the unity of all woman and empowerment each other as what our Mother wants us to be. 

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4 Nov, 2020
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