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Los Recuerdos Nunca Mueren (The Memories Never Die)
Los Recuerdos Nunca Mueren (The Memories Never Die)

Los Recuerdos Nunca Mueren (The Memories Never Die)


You were a realist, and I liked that, because all too often my head lived in the clouds.

I loved that sarcasm rolled off your tongue as if you knew what they were going to say.

I remember the way you’d hug me in attempt to shield me from the unknown

I adored the way if I cried you’d soften your touch and tell me how much you hated me crying.

I cherished how you would check in on me on days I forgot how to smile.

I admired the way you cared about your grades, despite acting nonchalant.

I was delighted by the way your smile would always make me smile.

I was stuck on the way you tried so hard to make me feel beautiful.

There were a lot of things you dropped the ball on, however,

Our good moments, were nothing but good

Maybe you didn’t love me, but I sure did love you

Author Notes: I still cherish the moments you make me smile. It's just easier to make you a villain in my head then any sort of a hero. That is my fault. Here's to you

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31 Dec, 2018
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