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Losing and gaining a family

Losing and gaining a family

By LuvScotty

I sat there in my room, waiting.. waiting for her. But I knew that she would never come back.. Never again.. I knew it all..

Everything ended in 2000 when I was only 8 years old. January 15, 2000 was the day I lost everything and everyone I've ever cared about.

My mom.. My dad... My older brother... All I had left was my dear older sister. However, I also lost her 9 years later on. I was only 8 there and she was 13. That day was a terrible memory to look upon.. Not just for me, but for the world.


"Hey... Where are we going?" I asked my family.

"The amusement park" They all chorused.

"Will it be fun?" My older brother and sister both took my hand. I looked up at them and they nodded their heads and smiled at me.

I gave them my brightest smile.

30 minutes later, we arrived. As we walked through the park, we heard a rumble. It was an earthquake, and it was a big one.

We ran looking for shelter.

My parents ran and ran, so did my sister and brother.

My brother carried me, because I was too slow. He held my sisters hand, as if he didnt want her to be taken away by the huge hole on the ground, which was what we were trying to run away from.

I saw the backs of my parents as we veered to a building. My parents knew that this wasnt a good place to be in, however they knew that it was all they could do to protect us.

While in the building.. it was horrible.. The windows shattered, bruising some of us. A part of the building collapsed.

My parents held their hands together as they covered us with their bodies. They were severely hit by parts of the building. I couldnt take it.. watching them like that..

I started crying.

"Mom... Don't do this... Dad... please dont."

They tried their hardest to smile. "We want you to grow and become a good girl..alright Mika?"
It was horrifying.

Blood dripped from their head. I knew it.. there wasnt enough time to save them.. because in a couple if minutes... I knew that I was going to lose them.

Suddenly, a tall pole began to crack.. It fell and headed our way. My brother, Seth stood up as fast as he could and covered our parents. He was hit so hard, I heard something crack. Seth yelled out so hard, my sister Nina tried to stand up to help him while I rolled up around in a ball... I was frozen.

Slowly, the world began to fade. I didn't know what to do... I thought it had only been minutes.. but when I woke up.. my whole family was lying there.

Suddenly, as I looked at their formation, I cried all over again.

"Seth! Nina! Mom! Dad! Wake up!! It's not the time to sleep.. Y-You can't leave me." I fell on my knees.

As I sat there, still crying, a small light appeared. Then and there, hope began to burst inside me. Then, I heard voices.

"There's someone here! Hurry!!" I heard the shovels, digging their way to me.

Someone jumped down and appeared in front of me.

I looked up and saw someone familiar, my uncle.

He was so happy to see me. But he also cried. He cried for his sister, my mom, and for my family.

"You've been through so mcuh these past two days." He held me tight.

"Mom and dad will wake up right? They are just sleeping.. right? It's the same with Seth and Nina.. They won't leave me right?" I tried to cry, but I wasted it all a while ago.

When I said that, my uncle seemed to hug me even tighter than I did.

'Stop pretending' My conscience told me. But I knew that I couldnt because the truth would scar for life. Far more than pretending would ever scar me.

Suddenly, Nina moved.

"N-Nina... Uncle, look! Nina's moving" I yelled. He let go off me and turned around. He went to where Nina sat down.

I saw Nina's face covered with blood which had dried.

Nina said something. I understood it because I read her lips. She said:
"Seth is dead. He tried to protect me and Mika. Mom and Dead did too, just about the time when Mika fainted or fell asleep. We have no one, except you... We have ourselves... Seth and our parents are never coming back."

Nina loved Seth because he was the best brother to us. He never yelled nor fought us. He took care of us. Surely, his death was a big blow to her.

And on top of that, we lost our parents too..

"I hate this.. I hate my life.. I hate everything" I said, loud enough for the both of them to hear. I stood up and walked towards the light, where I knew that I could never live the same way again..


I looked at the clock. 11:55. 5 more minutes until the anniversary. It is now January 14, 2010. A year ago, Nina died because of cancer. Me and Uncle... we both knew that she wouldn't make it.. but despite the fact that we knew the truth, we wasted all of our money just to help her.

I knew that when I lost Nina, I'd be all alone again. All I would have would be Uncle, Aunt, and my cousins. My whole family is completely gone, and I know that they are never coming back.. never again.

11:57, it says as I look at the clock. Everyone had gone to sleep, but I didn't go to sleep. Because I knew that when I woke up, I'd be flooding the room with my cries, so I told myself that I would cry the minute it turns 12:00 because then... I'll be wasting all of my tears there.

Then all of a sudden, the clock rang 12:00 it says. I knew that the tears were welling up.

"Mom.. Dad.. Seth.. Nina.." I said, gasping my breath. My throat felt dry. "I miss you. I miss the times we spent together.. Why? Why did you have to die.. on my birthday? Why did you leave me? Why couldn't you just hold onto life? Why do I have to be alone?" I kept asking the questions that I have been keeping inside me. It went on and on for an hour.

As I cried, I heard footsteps. "I don't want to be alone.. I don't want to go on without my family.. I need you..." I said, trying to speak through my tears.

"Mika...?" I heard a voice calling my name. I looked up and saw Sierra and Callie. Sierra was 2 years older than me(20), and Callie was 12 years younger than me(6).

"Are you ok..?" Sierra asked in a raspy voice. Callie stood there beside her, carrying her favorite teddy bear. I shook my head, and refused to look at them.

Sierra walked her way towards me, sat on the couch, and pulled me into a hug.

"You're not alone.. We are with you, and although I'm not your Mom or Dad, Seth, or even Nina.. we are still your family." She stroke my back and leaned on me. Callie climbed up on the big couch, took my hand, and held it. "We'll always be by your side.. Mika." She said, although she's young and barely knows what is going on, I thought that she would never remember this promise..

But then, the future is something you can't see.. but something you have to build yourself.

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7 Apr, 2011
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6 mins
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