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Losing You

Losing You

By Easily_Torn

I have a friend named Lauren. She was 15. Almost everyday we would talk. She seemed so happy, like everything in life was perfect, but deep down she wasn't so happy. She had two sisters. One older, and a twin. Both died in terrible accidents and everyday she would dread about losing them. Today was completely the worst day ever. She killed herself. She felt awful without her sisters she felt like she couldn't do anything. Plus on the side of that, she was getting bullied. Why you ask? For stupid reasons. She got bullied for liking celebrities. Everyday she would receive death threats from people. She really took that to heart. She thought she wasn't good for anything. She felt no one loved her and no one would miss her. She's been depressed for over a month, and today was the day she decided to just end it all. She hung herself, she wanted to get away from the the bullying and just go be with her sisters, to feel happy. I'm writing this because I want to show you how strong bullying is and how it affects peoples life's so much. I just hope it ends.

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1 Aug, 2011
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