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when your in a world with creatures unknown and there's no where to turn; what would you do? when you're lost.

Chapter one
andrew i've got some good news! what is it? well i've been thinking and i thought maybe it would be good to take a vacation. cool where though? fade away island! awesome if i only knew what fade away island is. i looked up some pictures and apparently says there's a small cheap hotel next to the shore. cool when are we going. well we go tomorrow or on wednesday which one? i say tomorrow. cool so pack up tonight. oh and be careful coming home tomorrow cause there's supposed to be a bad storm. okay i will bye. bye oh and when you come home don't tell charlatte about the vacation. okay i wont.

chapter two
mom you home? yeah what do you need charlatte? well i got into some trouble at school. what did you do this is the third time this month? is it the same girl? yeah its just that she.. she is such a brat and shes out to get me... and and. thats enough charlatte. wheres the paper? here. thanks mom im sorry and ill try not to get into anymore trouble. okay here. now go up stirs and pack. why just do it you little trouble maker. [laughs] okay fine but when are you going to tell me? when you dad gets home. okay.

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11 Jun, 2012
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1 min
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