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By Millieywqq - 2 Reviews

"You lousy little girl! No one will ever love you! I can't believe you're so stupid! You're father was a real dummy, like you!" A girl said while grabbing my hair and pulling me to the ground. Several punches lead to a bloody nose and a burning chest. I look down at myself, covered in scars, blood and bruises and think of all the people who are lost.

Don. My old friend. I miss you. Where did you go? Don't worry. I can keep a secret. Must be something bad happened because you left without saying goodbye. Did you really love me? You said you did, yet you left and never looked back. No one talks about you. Did you ever get my letters when you were down in Georgia? I wrote you all the time. Do you still have them? I still have the one you wrote me, telling me you loved me and how training down there was hell. The first thing I did when you got back was hug you, but you changed. I knew you changed. You weren't the Don I used to know. I knew your life was tough, your mother being my least favorite, treating you with such cruelty. You kept me out of the ocean. You were the last person to tell me that everything was going to be okay.

Chevy. My step cousin. You were my childhood friend. Yea, the childhood might have been shit, but it was great when you were around. We were like superheroes together, constantly fighting the bad guys. I remember the last thing we ever did was hold onto each for dear life as our families tore us apart. We prayed for our safety and unity in that split moment. And God ignored our prayers. He believed this would make us stronger.

Owen. My internet buddy. I have never loved anyone over the internet as much as I loved you. But you left without saying goodbye as well. Why did you do it? Your name was all over the news. Your mother called me, crying for her life and dear child. She loved you a lot, yet you left her, too. Were you bulllied? Did they make fun of you for who you were? You were beautiful. You were talented. You were amazing. Yet the end of the blade was where you left us. You called me your guardian angel, yet I had no way to protect you. You left me in a state of delusion when you left. Your voice haunts me at certain points in the night.

GG. My great grandmother. I don't remember much, so please forgive me. I watched you die, though. I do remember that. I was only three when I watched you gasp for air right in front of my eyes. There was nothing I could do, I was helpless. Mama and Daddy came at the right time, though. They couldn't save you either. I also remember you softly telling me that you loved me. Telling me that you were blessed and could die happy now.

I snap back into reality as the girl grabs my throat, squashing my trachea between the floor and her cold hands. At that moment I realized I am the the one gasping for air, completely helpless. My name will be all over the news because I have been bullied. God is ignoring my last prayers to make me stronger. I will be the one who left now without saying goodbye. And as I slowly leave this world, Owen and GG and standing at the gates of Heaven with open arms, standing next to God. The cruel girl realizes what she has done and tries to take it back, but she is too late.

For now, I too, am lost.

Author Notes: This is just a story. None of this happened. The people are the only thing factual about it.

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About This Story
5 Jun, 2016
Read Time
3 mins
3.5 (2 reviews)

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