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Lost a friend :'(

Lost a friend :'(

By MindlessSwagger360

The following story is written from a U.S. citizen!! It was written for the enjoyment of the people reading this at this moment! It was not made to make fun of ANYBODY! Thanks :)
- Viv :)

My name is Vivian. I am 14 years old yet this was about 2 or 3 years ago.
One night, I was texting my friend Rachel. She just broke up with her boyfriend, Alex. She was pretty upset because they had been together for 2 and a half years! They were a perfect couple, but he cheated on her... It was pretty sad, and I felt really bad for her. She called me and she was crying. She whispered, "I don't want to live any more, Viv!" I shush her and soothe, "No, Rachel. There are guys better than him! People better. Things worth living!" She cried harder, "Vivian! No you don't understand! I LOVED him! I think I loved him more than you! But, see the thing... I can't name ONE thing that is now worth living. If you can please speak now!" I say, "Rachel, you have your baby." (Did I mention that she is 7 months pregnant? Well, she is going to have a baby in about 2 months. And it's Alex's. So she doesn't want it anymore but I soothed her that the baby would be worth it,they always are :)) Rachel said, "But, It's his! I don't want her if she looks or seems anything like him!" I ask, "Rachel? Really? You know they'll have some of the same traits!" She hangs up on me. It's one of the moments I will remember for a long time.

The baby was born on August 6th. Healthy and full term. Rachel named her, Alexis Vivian. She claims she couldn't have had the baby if it weren't for me. She also claims that she's not going to let Alex touch her, EVER! I laughed and said, "Rachel! He's the father!He should be able at least see her!" She sighed and we both laughed.
Alex surprisingly showed up at the hospital on the day of the birth. He apologized for everything and wanted to be a real father. They got back together and Rachel moved in with Alex. They got along pretty well. A fight here and there. Short ones. And when they were bad she would come stay at my house. But that only happened like 3 or 4 times.

-3 AND A HALF YEARS LATER(current time)(like 3 days ago)-

Rachel and Alex got into one of the biggest fights they've been in! She was so mad that she went to stay with her Aunt Beth in Canada (we are in Texas BTW). Alexis stayed with me. (She's 3 and a half) Then I got the news... Rachel committed suicide. She shot her self in the temple when her Aunt was at work. I legally adopted Alexis. (We call her Ali) I'm not planning to tell her than her real mom was Rachel and real dad was Alex, I'm going to tell her when she can understand, that I am her real mother and her real dad is my boyfriend Tygen.

This was all true, names and everything! So please don't criticize me, for any reason what so ever!

Thanks for your time,
Vivian :)
Loosing a friend hurts... :'(

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24 May, 2011
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