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Lost Girl

Lost Girl

By lopez18

Lost girl

She grew up in a family that never really had a normal day, but then again, she didn’t know what a normal day felt like. Growing up with traumas, struggles, heartbreaks and disappointments just like a lot of other teenagers but she also dealt with an abusive, alcoholic mother. Her father died when she was 13 so she had no choice but to live with her mom. She doesn’t have any close friends and she is not close with any of her family, her mother is all that she has. At age 15 Jenna had one of the worst days she’s ever experienced. She went home after school just like every normal day, but after about three hours her mom shows up filled with rage, Jenna not knowing why. She tried to stay away from the situation because her mother had been drinking. The last time she tried to talk to her mom intoxicated it escalated very quickly and her mom had hit her so bad that she fell to the ground, curled up filled with fear. Although Jenna wanted to see if her mom was okay. She took the chance and asked her mom, “Hey mom calm down, what’s wrong.” Very aggressively her mother turns around with her bottle of whisky and responds, “You want to know what’s wrong. Well first I got fired from my job, secondly my boyfriend broke up with me and third you. You’re my problem, I can’t afford to support you around here, and you just make things worse.” Her mom was very tired and very drunk. Jenna ran upstairs crying because her mom had left her very emotional. She felt as if everything was all her fault.

As Jenna woke up the next morning it seemed a little too quiet to be normal. She went to the living room and didn’t see her mom. Checking every room yelling for her, but still no sign of her in the house. When she calls her mom, the phone is dead. Jenna is worried and has no idea how to find her mom. She walks outside to get some fresh air and her knees buckle. Jenna falls to the ground. Crying with her hands covered in blood. All dried up on the concrete driveway. “Why” she screams repeatedly. “Why would you do this to me mom.” The thoughts running through her head as she can’t believe that her mom has shot herself. “Was is all really my fault, did I really mess up that bad?

As the ambulance arrive to take her mother away, she gets questioned by someone that came to investigate. The first question asked was “How old are you young lady?” Jenna quietly responds “15 years old.” Jenna sill young and not able to live by herself, there is no choice but to send her to foster care. She is horrified. She has absolutely nothing now, and fells like everything is all her fault. She gave up, packed her bags and went off on her own hoping she would be sent to a good family. Days pass, then days become weeks, weeks become months, and nobody wants Jenna. She feels worthless, unwanted, and alone. Jenna is lost and she needs to be found, she says to herself “I need to escape.” She was to unhappy to keep living in the world, and she wants to escape the pain in her life, but doesn’t know how.

Author Notes: First short story ever written and posted, give me tips on how i can make my other better

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4 Dec, 2018
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2 mins
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