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Lost Girl

Lost Girl

By hockeychick12

When he found Lost Girl, she seemed like she had it all together
Lots of friends, three jobs, high marks and was always beaming with happiness.

When Lost Girl found him, he was extraordinaire
He was a sad boy with a rough past, but had pushed through

When he met Lost Girl, she tried hard to impress his sorrowful eyes
She tried hard to look grand and sound outgoing

When she met him, he hid his secret past
He tried to sound put together and free

When he fell in love with Lost Girl, he started to learn
Lost Girl was anything but put together

When she fell in love with him, she learned his past
But loved him through it

Slowly, he learned of Lost Girl's past too
As it was not a clean slate

Slowly, she learned of his life now
And he was, indeed, put together more than her

Lost Girl had scars on her wrists
And demons in her head

He found Lost Girl
He saved Lost Girl

He fell out of love with Lost Girl,
As Lost Girl made mistakes repeatedly

Lost Girl begged for his forgiveness and love
And vowed to straighten things out

He left Lost Girl

And now Lost Girl is once again...

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About The Author
About This Story
All Audiences
17 Oct, 2014
Drama, Tragedy, Psychological

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