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Lost in the Airport
Lost in the Airport

Lost in the Airport

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Abigail and her mother were docking in Breve airport as her small hands seized the seat beneath her, she was terrified of flying after watching “Lost” on Hulu. As they await the tug tractor Abigail's abdomen began turning. She motioned to her mom to get up.

"Why," her mother asked.

"I need the restroom," she responded holding her stomach.

"Alright," her mother got up, "bathrooms are in the back."

"Thank you!"

She gets to the back and enters the facilities. Silence fills the air. She goes to open the door, and the plane's empty. Confused she goes to the pilot and there getting ready for the next flight.

"What are you doing here," he asked angrily.

“I was in the bathroom? Where is my mother,” she asked.

“Come with me,” he said with a sigh, “ I’ll help you find your mother.”

Abigail followed him into the airport. It was so big she made sure to keep close with the pilot. Then he suddenly stopped and picked up a phone. He took a deep breath and pushed a button.

“Can I have,” he paused, “What’s your last name?”

“Anacolzki,” she responded.

“Miss Anacolzki come to the lobby, please. We have your daughter here.”

What felt like an eternity went by and Abigail felt hopeless. She began thinking her mother wasn’t coming. Crowds of people came by and her mother wasn’t there. Even the pilot grew impatient and tapped his food furiously.

“Where is she,” Abigail asked.

“Just wait,” He confronted, “It’s a big airport. She’ll be here.”

They waited for an hour and still nothing, but just as the pilot jumped up they spotted her. She was bursting through crowds.

“Mom,” she screamed.

“I’m so sorry,” she said breathing heavily.

“Keep a better eye on your child,” The pilot ordered.

Abigail smiled and walked joyfully with her mother. Until CPS visited and took her away. That is for another time though.

Author Notes: Did this for a class and decided to post it here. The end is my favorite part.

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9 Sep, 2019
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1 min
4.5 (2 reviews)

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