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Lost life in 2010 by: Anjelica Portillo

Lost life in 2010 by: Anjelica Portillo

By xxxLosingEverythingxxx

My whole life has revolved around hanging with my friends and just having fun. Well that all changed the moment i found out i had to leave. I was 16 years old when i found out i had to leave everything behind to move for my parents. I lived in sunny california and i was being forced to move to hell on ice (south dakota). My life was perfect, i had good grades, i had awesome friends and..i was in love..but that didnt matter to my parents. they only thought of themselves. i lived in california all my life and they were making me leave. i was leaving family behind and everything i once knew and loved.
So when school started, it was horrible! i hated it there! i didnt know anybody and i didnt want to be there! I currently go to Brandon Valley High School and i found out it wasnt so bad here. i have great friends that i love and they love me. My best friends name is Sydney Jessip and i love her to death, But what makes living here barable is i found my true love. You see, the guy i thought i was in love with, it wasnt true. the moment i moved he jumped to newer girls and i totally forgot about him.
The guy im in love with now is Kane Kortum and he's the most amazing guy! i met Kane on an a chatting and we hit it off almost instantly. we may have gone into a relationship to fast, but it was worth it. He messaged me one day and i thought he was going to be like any other creeper on that site so we were friends on there only. we didnt text, we didnt call eachother on the phone, but one day i decided to give him my number. i trusted him and he was sweet.
We became really close friends and then we got more serious. he showed me what it was like to be loved and to be taken care of. see my love life wasnt always that great. yeah i ahd the sweet guys, the romantics, but i also had the assholes and thats what seemed to be my main atraction. it seemed i only atraccted them and i was about to give up when i met Kane and i still and always will be in love with him.

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8 Mar, 2011
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2 mins
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