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Lost Love

Lost Love


I had gone to Michigan on a trip with my sister to see where we came from. We lived in Ohio so it was a long trip. I had just turned 21 that week and I decided, what the hell?! Let's hit some clubs.
So that night we went to the first club we saw. Lindy (my sister) left me for some guy and I sat at the bar. A cute guy inched up to me and asked to buy me a drink and of course, I accepted. We ended up dating for the whole month we stayed in Michigan. And when it became time to go back home... I stayed with my new love, Jason.
That day, it changed me... Jason had to leave me for a burning building downtown. He was a fireman. But tragically when he was trying to save a woman, the roof collapsed while he was in there. He died that day. Leaving me. And all the memories I ever had of him. All alone. Turns out, I was pregnant.
I was goin to keep that baby. It was the only piece I had left of Jason. The only symbol of us. So, while I sit here with my son as he watches johnny test, I smile to myself and kiss his forehead. He looks up at me and I stare into his face that looks so much like his father.
- Maci Wolfe
R.I.P. Jason wolfe, once my fiance and always the father of my son, Ryan.

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11 Aug, 2011

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