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Lost Souls

Lost Souls

By KeithLankford

Gathered together
we found a odd grouping of sort
As if leaving the engagement solidly drunken
they seemed to have arrived
Conversation with these blokes was most definitely a one way endeavor
Wandering deeper into the crowd I sipped on my flask
mainly observing
I might be the first to say, I had taken more then just one or two sips, as the flask did seem somewhat lighter in my pocket
Never-less, my observations shalt never be be brought before those undeceivably fixed in the common mindset of one whose very thoughts were shackled and chained
I long ago freed myself from such bondages in my soundless expositions, my boundless expeditions into the deep forays of the one, two, beat in the street marching sounds of the human intellect expressed then regressed in such a situation as I now find myself in
Nothing like a a quick sip from me flask, to warm me inner spirit
Quite a lively crowd it was on such a night twas thee
Chitting and chatting, laughing and
Napping I do see
Gazing curiously at the soiled blanket seemingly rumpled atop a a lump.
Approaching slowly, this lump takes shape, in the form of a ill dressed unkept lad, laying near the edge of the cemetery by a tree
I was shortly relieved to find I had not disturbed my new acquaintance
I bid him farewell and did turn to leave
Looking back I found him no friendlier then most of these misfits, neither bothering to bid me a fair night,
or even acknowledging my presents
Somewhat ruffled, I quickly made my way through the crowd, sensing my quick descent from a spirit filled with overwhelming unapproachable curt containment into the dark somewhat drained spirit of a rebuked conversationalist, they did seem to part before me
The lost souls they did seem to be would need no further regression from me
Bringing me flask to my lips I was sorrily disappointed to see it drained of spirits just as the poor sots I recently departed, so seemed to be

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About This Story
19 Nov, 2021
Read Time
1 min
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