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Lost Then Found
Lost Then Found

Lost Then Found

beckyksmith1Rebecca Kathleen

I was down but not out

Made a few bad decisions

Let myself fall for you and

Lost myself trying to please you

I was never good enough for you

My efforts always fell short

According to you I never even tied

I just kept making the same mistakes

I cried until I ran out of tears

I begged until my voice gave out

I changed everything about me

And still it wasn't enough

But now I can clearly see

The problem was never all me

Your discontent was a mask

To hide your own insecurities

Now that I can see right through you

Its so easy to walk away

I left you to find myself again

And I'm never coming back

I will find happiness again

And the person I was before

Never again to sacrifice myself

To try and please another

Author Notes: I welcome constructive criticism and suggestions.

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About The Author
Rebecca Kathleen
About This Story
21 Jan, 2018
Read Time
<1 min
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