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Lost With No Home

Lost With No Home

By bgibbs25

My football game came to an abrupt stop when the sirens on the lamp posts went off. President of 2035,Mike Lumbarg went on the intercoms scattered across America "Get to cover! we are being invaded!" he says as we all hear explosions coming from the distance.The first thing everyone did was scream and run,some to cars, some just ran. I rush around the field searching for someone that I can ride along with.I saw a truck driving away and I sprinted and jumped into the trunk. We sped off as the explosions got louder and the flames got bigger. A couple hours later we pulled on what seemed to be a gravel road. We pull up to a cabin with an RV next to it. A man jumps out of the truck wielding a baseball bat "who the hell are you!?!?!" he yells. " I jumped in the trunk back at the field." I replied,scared. He then pat me down to make sure I can't just kill them. Then another guy and girl get out of the truck. They accept me as a brother,they said they would treat me well because we all wanted to survive. It was an hour later when we all heard rapid gunfire,it sounded close by. Joel, the oldest, and the guy who patted me down got his pistol from his safe and went outside. Me and the other 2 teens got to know each other while hiding in the back of the cabin. I found out the youngest was a girl,Samantha aka Sam, The middle child was Tobi,the shy one,who didn't want anything but smarts and some fun. All of a sudden we hear Joel screaming and soldiers yelling in a foreign language. We all rush outside to find out Joel's been shot and the soldiers left him to suffer. Tobi and Sam rush to Joel's aid, while I grab his gun and make sure it's safe. All the soldiers were gone and when I came back I saw Sam hugging Joel's body while Tobi paced back and forth saying "No,No,No" We brought Joel's body inside so we can bury it the him the following day. Sam went inside to shower and to get all of Joel's blood off of her. Me and Tobi stayed outside, "Sorry man" I said to Tobi. "You don't understand!!" I didn't respond because he was right, I didn't know what it was like to lose my older brother,my mentor,but they did. I gave Sam and Tobi some time alone,I went into the RV for a nap.When I woke up I went into the cabin,Sam was still crying while Tobi was sitting in complete silence. The next morning I made sure no soldiers where around and then I woke up Sam and Tobi. We brought Joel's Body behind the cabin and I dug the hole while Tobi and Sam said there last goodbye's. We covered the hole up. We were all scared because the oldest and bravest was gone, and all we knew was that we had to stay silent and stay hidden. I let Sam and Tobi stay with Joel for a minute while I went inside for a snack. I searched everywhere but couldn't find one piece of food. I went to tell Sam and Tobi that we would soon have to make a food run but they were gone. I couldn't yell because I would be found and killed. With the 3 people I was with where now gone,I was alone and lost with no home. I was lost, like I said so I didn't know where I could find food, so I took the pistol from Joel and some ammo and left in the truck to find food,shelter or both. After hours of driving around lost on the highway I got off at a random exit. I knew for sure I was screwed when I saw the checkpoints set up by the foreign soldiers on the way into the city. When I pulled up I got pulled out of the truck by an African American Soldier who then searched my car. *THUMP* is the sound that my body made as I hit the concrete. The soldier grabs the pistol from the passenger seat and the ammunition and waved it in my face. "What is this?" he yelled with a thick accent. " A handgun,sir" I replied. He yells in another language and his men came running. I was arrested and thrown in the back of a military truck. I couldn't be arrested for protecting myself, what if I get killed, what if I get tortured, not like this.... not now....

Author Notes: This is just the first chapter more to come!

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12 Feb, 2015
Read Time
4 mins
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