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Illuminati Reconsidered
Illuminati Reconsidered

Illuminati Reconsidered

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

Who is that man?
Why is he here?
At every dark scene
He seems to appear.

What does he want?
What is his mission?
Could he be an agent
From some shady dimension?

The murder of a family in cold blood,
In the aftermath of a historic flood --
He was spotted entering the woods,
Then seen trudging through the muck and mud.

The tranquillity of my town
Devastated by a tornado.
I turn around and see him there,
Standing in the debris-strewn shadows.

As I meander through the rubble,
I stumble onto the street.
Presently a cold hand
Helps me to my feet.
I'm staring into the blank face
Of the ubiquitous and mysterious stranger.
I feel an overwhelming surge
Of vulnerability and danger.

After shaking my hand,
He presents a badge.
Quickly my eyes scan --
Lou M. Notti it flashed.

I can't put my finger on it
But the name rings familiar
As he locks me in his gaze
With the evil grin of a killer.

Finally the creeper speaks
In a voice really eerie,
Revealing details about me,
Inching a little too near me
(Man! This is getting scary)
When the thought hits me --
I was right to be so leery.

How does he know so much about me?
Who told him all these personal facts?
He reaches out to touch me
But immediately I step back.

"I have something to offer you.
It's advised that you not refuse."
His words violate my mind,
Chills of fear climbing my spine.

Before I can conjure a reply,
Residual bolts crack the sky.
Nervous townsfolk converge in panic.
And just like that -- Notti has vanished.

Where did he go?
I'm relieved he's gone.
So weary and shaken,
I want to be alone.

I can't help but wonder
If after days or even years
Lou M. Notti will reappear
(The very thought fills me with fear.)
Then maybe I should abandon
My home of many years
(The very thought provokes a tear.)

What if all those conspiracies
And crazy theories I have heard
About a nefarious bunch on Earth
Can be traced back to a single man
Who effects events with a shady hand?

So the next time tragedy comes to town
And a curious soul pivots around
Perhaps she will eye a mysterious person
Creepily leering through the proverbial curtain.

© Matt Decker

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
19 Jun, 2018
Read Time
1 min
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