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By jellybelly123

see it all starded when this girl meet this amazing guy with the cuttist blue eyes and the most soft hair ever at a football game with her friends. his name was wastin but this amazing guy didnt now about her exsistens but soon he would now who she was:) it all starded with adding on facebook looking at each others profile he lived far and they would never be able to see him so she was sad. they exchanged numbers and starded talking getting to know each other more. he soon starded dating a witch named dorthy who would ruin his life for ever they kept talking but the only thing he would talk about was his girlfriend now lusi did not like this one bit. they soon broke up and he starded getting to now lusi more and talking and chatting having the best time they could both have. one day in class in her last class hour he came in she turned and to her suprise he was there her love of her life standing at the door he walked in and handed the teacher a paper saying he was new in this school and was going to transfer in her class she signed it and he slowly walked away lusi just saw him leave with a sad look on her face. she starded talking to him at school makeing conversation and getting to now each other more he asked her out on dates and had alot of fun together and getting to now each other he had a great time with her and he had fun with her. they were ment for each other. they finaly starded dating and she found out that he had problems and she didnt want to leave his side no matter what happend she wanted to be there with him she had givin her love the best thing a girl could give. he left to go get help she did not talk to him for a week and did not see him ether she was very sad when he got out she was so happy that he texted her to tell her how much he had missed her and how much he wanted to see her:) the next day her parrents told her she could not be with him because he would hurt her and he wasnt right for her she cried and told her parents no matter what they say she will never leave him!!!

TO BE CONTINUED..............

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21 Mar, 2013
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2 mins
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