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We slowed down on our way out of the building. TV, thrown out by Artem after today's match, lay shattered on the flowerbed among withered tulips, right under the street lamp.

I heard jingling of the night tram somewhere far.

“What have you seen there?” Oksana asked leaning on me.

“Nothing, it’s nothing,” I answered.

We went down the alley towards the quay. The gravel crackled underfoot. We took our time. I felt calm and comfortable beside Oksana. I felt warmth of her body. I said:

“Oksana, I love you!”

Oksana replied:

“You have told me this one hundred times.”

I tried to kiss her but she moved my face away with her hand.

“Why the hell are you so cruel?” I asked.

“What kind of cruelty?! Did I throw a cat off the roof top?”

“You’re starting anew about that accident?”

“Not anew, but again.”

“Don’t follow Katrusia’s example.”

“At least I don’t follow yours.”

“Was it my fault that its parachute didn’t open? My intentions were good. I only wanted cat to enjoy the flight... And that was totally long time ago and now almost not true.

“Really?! Then your attempt to kiss me is also not true?”

“No, that’s true.”

“Why is the case with cat not true, but the attempt to kiss is true?”

“Because the cat was four years ago, and the kiss – four minutes ago.”

“So, in four years your wish to kiss me now will be not true?”

“Oksana, why are you bending my ears?”

“You answer me first.”

“How can I know what should happen during next four years? But if you kissed me just now, it would be true, for sure.”

“You want me to kiss you so that you would remember this kiss in four years?”

“You’ve just said that yourself.”

“Don’t slip out.”

“I don’t.”

“Then answer.”

I tried to kiss Oksana again and failed.

“Wow, you’re quick! You go answer.”

“Fine... Yes, I do want you to kiss me to remember this kiss in four years. And yet because I love you. Are you happy now?”

“You’re lying.”

“Lying about what?”

“You don’t love me. Is it possible for a boy, who threw the cat off the roof top, to love?”

“Oksana, you’re starting again?”

“Not anew, but again.”

“I don’t get you.”

“Calm down. You know how much I like to pull your leg. You turn so vulnerable. And then I really want to kiss you, but mother-like, on your forehead... Like your mum does...

“No, my auntie pecks me like this.”

“Yeah, keep telling! Marichka can kiss you like that with a flapper only.”

“Don’t say things you know nothing about.”

“OK. Let’s get out of this forest quickly. I’m tired to fight off the mosquitoes,” Oksana said.

We walked on its edge, then went down the stairs and found ourselves on the embankment.

The Dnipro waters were splashing at our feet. Coolness of the river and dampness of the autumn were in the air. About ten steps left to the bench we’re going to rest chatting at. I grabbed Oksana and pressed her to the quarry stone wall. My lips were searching for her lips.

“You’re hurting me, Sashko,” she resisted.

I didn’t listen to her. I heard almost nothing.

Everything is so nice and easy in movies. But for me it was huge problem to lift Oksana up. However, I barely managed to move her about fifteen centimetres up the wall.

I poked girly breasts with my hooter, sniffled inhaling breath-taking smell of her body. I was drooling and felt as if going underground.

Oksana wasn’t protesting anymore. She’s just trying to change foothold. I bet stones were digging in her back pretty well.

We grew numb. Honestly, even though I imagine what and how I’d do in case like this, but one thing is imagine and the other…

Then I felt drained. Oksana was tired, too. I put her down, we both panted heavily. I had fever shivers. We dragged ourselves to the bench. We collapsed on it, so tired as if we just had dug over pretty big kitchen garden. I took a pack of cigarettes out. She smoothed her coat.

“Will you smoke?” I asked.

She just took the cig and said nothing. I lit it for her. Oksana inhaled greedily. I smoked, too.

We were sitting, puffing and watching the city lights flickering on the Dnipro’s waves. Then, as if following someone’s order, burst out laughing. We laughed long and loud. I slapped myself on belly and Oksana tapped her heels on the ground. It’s fun!

The new day’s looking out from behind the horizon on our right.

“I’m going home,” Oksana said.

“Why?” I asked.

“I have to.”

“Are you upset?”

“Don’t say nonsense.”

“Then why?”

“Let me be!”

Oksana got up, dropped the cigarette end, pressed it with her sharp-toed shoe and slowly moved on.

I was left there to sit.

Sensing that I was not going to run after her, Oksana went faster, crossed the road and quickly disappeared around the corner of the building.

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10 Oct, 2016
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4 mins
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