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Love at first sight ( part 1 )

Love at first sight ( part 1 )

By melodyautumn

I sat there staring at him, and even thought I knew I should have looked away I wouldn't. It felt more then just staring at someone that enthralled me. It felt like we were destined to be together, Still sitting on the bench I listened to the patter of the rain hitting the ground. Thinking, If I got up and went to him, it could go great and he would accept me or it could go awful and he would think I'm a freak. I didn't want to let my thoughts take over so I got up, crossed the street, and entered the cafe he was in. I slowly drifted to is table. When I thought about what I was going to say, I realized I was soaked and wet from the rain. Discovering sensibility I knew I looked awful so I panicked. with out even looking down at him I said nine words that I knew sounded ridiculous. " Uh... do you believe in love at fist sight?"
looking down I seen that he was horrified. I stood there, for what felt like days, but no words would come out. I felt the walls closing in on me and I wanted to escape this horrible nightmare so I gave up. " I'm so sorry... have a nice day."
I stormed out of the cafe and went back to my bench to wait for the bus. When it arrived I felt a urge to stay, so I let them leave me there. Then the man rushed out of the cafe and started to curse. When he looked up he looked at me confused. He began to walk to the bench toward me.
" well I missed my bus. "
I sat silent.
"Whats wrong?''
'' Don't you think I'm a crazy person?'
" No... why would I?"
" Because... the whole love at first sight thingy."
" No... I was just really shocked. "
" I do... by the way."
Then he smiled the most beautiful smile I have every seen. and I smiled back.

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3 Apr, 2011
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1 min
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