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Love Bites
Love Bites

Love Bites


Running through the green grass while letting the sun roll on my face. Letting the smooth clean air run through my hair while I run away from anything that I fear. Nothing stopping me, no one telling me what I can and can't do, or babying me because I'm...different.

Suddenly something starts to feel wrong. My skin feels hot and the air feels very thin. I can feel my heart forcing itself to beat. I could feel the ground under me shake. My legs feel weak and I start slowing down. I couldn't run anymore.

I collapse and the grass I once thought was no longer grass, its concrete. Yep, hard concrete. Now I know you might ask why I didn't have a concussion and the truth is, I have no idea. Oh don't give me that lok. Its mean and rude.

Anyway, I couldn't move. My body ached, so I just laid down looking up at the burning sun. I felt the heat coursing through my veins. It hurt to move, it hurt to cry. Just the pain of breathing itself was enough that I could bare.

My lungs were giving out as I was gasping for air. My eyelids felt heavy and started to close. All I could see was darkness, but before they shut completely, I saw a figure

He had black hair like mine, but I couldn't see his face because he was wearing a mask. He came out of nowhere. Like thunder and lightning during a tornado, but peaceful and gentle like the rainbow after a heavy storm, but he looked concerned.

Worried about me. I was able to get a clear focused on him. When he called my name "Melody!" I'm glad he is concerned, but I couldn't answer. The heat was filling up in me taking me out little by little.

Not just any type of heat. Was it fire? Lava? I can't explain it. He called my name again " Melody. Are you OK? I need you. You’re the only one that can save me."

He picked me up and started running. Running faster than I ever have. As we picked up wind the screaming sun and the hot lava that was burning in me got hotter. We coon came across an old abandoned house and settled me down on the cold wooden floor.

He turned off all the lights, closed all the windows, and the old shaggy curtains. A few minutes alter we heard a knock at the door. "Hurry" He mystery guy said, "She's dying."

Another person walked in. They both started talking when he walked up to me. "Melody!" Hea said. I knew who he was. "Melody! Melody you have to find me," I was really confused

I looked at him with one of those puppy dog sad eyes you might see on TV. He called my name again "Melody," I looked up into his crystal blue eyes that made me shiver.

"Melody" I heard him say this time he became blurry. I started to close my eyes "Melody! Melody please wake up". My Aunt called.

While I sat up in my bed I saw the fear in her, wondering if I was OK. As I sat up in my bed panting I tried to calm myself down. She forcefully hugged me. Gave me a tiny kiss on my long black hair. Then whispered "Its OK it was just a dream".

"If you want to see the rest of the story its on wattpad. Go on my account and follow me for more updates. My account is Laila257, but the title of the book is "Love Bites"

Author Notes: "If you want to see the rest of the story its on wattpad. Go on my account and follow me for more updates. My account is Laila257, but the title of the book is "Love Bites."

I will post only 2 chapters.

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About This Story
20 Apr, 2018
Read Time
3 mins
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