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Love Blinds You
Love Blinds You

Love Blinds You

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Walking through the gates of Springdale village, he felt both excited and amazed, as he has never seen a place as beautiful as this. However, he also felt a sense of sadness tingling deep in his heart, thinking that this little piece of heaven built out of scratch, would have to be destroyed at the end of the day. He was sent there for a mission, which was to, by all means, strip the Protector of her powers, to make way for Brigade 101 and 103, which were on their way to the Capitol. It was the middle of the Rebel Wars, where rebel forces in every part of the world are rising up to overthrow the government so that they could establish a communist world. “A whole new world”, as they called it.

“No mercy shall be given.” Muttering these words to himself, he trudged through the streets of Springdale village, thinking about his plan. Legend has it, that, if anyone was able to receive a kiss from the Protector, he or she would have all the powers of the Protector, which are powerful to destroy the whole world, if ever fallen into the wrong hands.

“Mission one. Find and locate the Protector.”

As he was exploring every nook and cranny of the village, he found a giant, black ball somewhere deep in the woods. With his sixth sense, he sensed someone’s presence in the ball and knocked on it. “HELP ME! HELP!” Upon hearing the knocking sounds, the Protector screamed as loud as she could, not wanting to lose the only chance which she could finally escape from this pitch-black, magic-proof ball.

Should I rescue the trapped soul? He thought to himself. Hmm… After all this piece of heaven is going to be destroyed… Might as well do some good deeds, anyways it wouldn’t hurt… Taking a big stone, he smashed at the ball. Once, Twice, nothing happened. After 20 minutes of smashing, the ball finally cracked into two. He saw a teenage girl kneeling on the floor, rubbing her eyes. After adjusting her eyes to the bright sunlight, she looked up, and saw a dark-clothed figure looking at her curiously.

Breaking the awkward silence, she screamed a loud thank you at him, before looking around in wonder. After all, it’s been two weeks since she had seen this beautiful piece of land. Soon after, he found out from her, that she was trapped in a magic-proof ball she had created herself while trying to create a force-field which would cover and protect the whole village from attacks launched from the rebel forces. Suddenly realising, he asked with caution, “Wait what? So, you’re the…Protector?” The girl nodded. He could not believe his luck. He continued staring at the Protector in disbelief. He had thought that the Protector was an old lady, never a young and beautiful girl like her, and definitely not a young girl that was clumsy enough to get stuck inside a magic-proof ball. Not forgetting his mission, he immediately engaged in a conversation with her, while being invited to her apartment for a cup of tea.

“I need her to kiss me.” He thought, as the conversation went on and on at her apartment. They talked like they haven’t uttered a word for years, going on and on, topic after topic. He is trying his best not to show it, as he is already tired of this on-going nonsense. Soon, it was late and he left, after promising her that he would come by at night, everyday. Smiling, she looked at him walking down the dim-lit street. However, only if she had known his true intention…

“The first thing I need to do is to get her trust.” Walking down the street, he put his hands in his pocket and thought about his mission once again.

“Mission two. Acquire her kiss.”

He went to her apartment daily, where they would talk for hours, where she would occasionally spill out her problems and he would listen to it all. Both parties kind of enjoyed each other’s presence, but he had to keep closely to his mission schedule. One day, she said to him, “You know, I have never had someone to talk to, even for an hour. You were there for me when I wanted to talk, you listened to my problems, thank you.” Secretly, she has already developed an affection for him, but was too shy to show it. Sometimes, lying on her bed, she would wonder, if he had the same feelings towards her.

“Why is it so difficult to just get her to kiss me?” After one month on waiting, he wondered, as he stood by the window, looking at the trees far, far away. “I am already behind my schedule. This is taking forever! I CAN’T AFFORD TO WAIT ANYMORE!” Slamming the table in anger, he shouted. Sweeping everything off the table, he sat down on the floor, not knowing what to do. Walking towards her apartment again, he concealed his anger and put on a happy face. Little did he know, that she was going to give him a surprise…

Stepping through the door, he saw her sitting on her armchair, looking at him. She stood up, and walked to him. “Because I trust you.” Muttering these words into his ear, she closed her eyes and kissed him.

When she opened her eyes, the scene in front of her made her fall onto the ground. Black smoke engulfed the spot where he was standing and the ground shook. She could see a figure in the smoke, laughing maliciously. “Is…is that you?” She asked, her voice trembling. “Maybe it’s time to spill the beans. I was only trying to steal your powers from you. You meant nothing to me. You were only an item, thrown away after being used. You expected me to really like you? Hah, well no. I don’t even like you. Your powers were the only thing I came for, and now I have them.” He spat. Stunned, she was, as tears rolled down her cheeks as she realised the ragged truth behind the beautiful lie.

In the meantime, rebel forces were assembling outside of the village, ready to storm the village. “Charge!” Upon orders, the troops charged into the village, killing everyone on sight. He stepped out of the house before locking it, and joined the slaughter.

Looking out of the window, she saw men being impaled, women and children slaughtered like animals, buildings being set on fire… And the pitiful crying and screaming of the villagers as they fell, one by one, under the swords and spears of the troops. Her knees became weak and gave way, causing her to fall onto the floor. Trust gone. Heart broken. Love wasted. Village destroyed. Powerless. There is nothing she can live for now.

She unlocked her magic chest, and removed a magic wand from it.

“Never would I have thought I’ll use this wand this way…” She thought to herself, a helpless smile appearing on her face.

When the slaughtering outside stopped, the rebel forces surrounded her house, planning to capture her and bring her back to their kingdom. She took one last look outside of her window, and in a last-ditch effort to retaliate, she chanted a forbidden spell. The black magic.

“Oh father, oh mother, I have done you wrong. Forgive me, as I repent before you.”

An explosion ensured, taking with it every memory of the little piece of heaven that existed, and erasing with it every mistake that has been made.

People may not know me, people may not see me, but I will always be here, at the spot where I fought my hardest, at the spot where I cried my hardest, at the spot I made things right, at this very spot in the once-existed Springdale Village.

Author Notes: I wrote this story when I was 12 years old, and it's mostly what I wrote back then except for a few corrections of the present grammatical errors.
Hope you all enjoy this!!

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27 Sep, 2017
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