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Love Conquers All, or Maybe It Doesn't

Love Conquers All, or Maybe It Doesn't

By Jupiter_R - 1 Review

Do you ever take a step back from your life and go, "Wow, this is a hell of a hole I've dug for myself!"? Or do you think that you have accomplished everything you were meant to do in life?

I for one know that I am royally screwed; But I have gotten way ahead of myself and jumped to present day, so I am going to take you back three months from today; the day it all started.

I was sitting at a bar in my signature hotel waiting for my Friday night client, and as expected he was running late. So I signalled the bartender, and he brought me my usual "Sex on the Beach."

As I was sipping and savoring the tangy drink, I noticed a man at the bar that wasn't a regular; and trust me, I know every person that come and go’s from that hotel. I was getting fidgety and bored so his presence peaked my interest, I stood up then sauntered over to the raggedy stool next to him.

I placed my drink down on the faded coaster, then gracefully slipped onto the stool. To my surprise he didn't even turn to recognize my flirtatious self sitting right beside him, instead his gaze remained fixed on his dimmed phone screen. I then proceeded to do every subtle yet not-so-subtle hint in my book, and he never budged; his eyes never wavered.

Since he wasn't getting my hints, I leaned over slightly behind his ear and whispered, "Now is that phone really so important that you can't look at the woman who came over here to talk to you?"

"I'm expecting someone; not looking for a hooker." His voice was a husky sound that still seemed like honey dripping from his naturally plump lips; but his retort was harsh and judgment.

"Listen here, sweet-cheeks, I AM NOT a hooker, call girl, prostitute, or a fuck-buddy; I am a paid escort." I snorted, then slid off the chair with a new feeling towards the originally timid stranger. But since I had figured out who he was waiting for I decided just to take a jab at him before I walked out of the bar, I lean behind his ear once more and said, "It's not like a little boy like you could handle an experienced woman like me. Also, the booty call that stood you up was seen leaving the hotel with a rather pimped out crew of powerful men; guess she is going to get it from a different source tonight."

My head held high, I sauntered out of the bar area and into the lobby, then letting myself relax I pressed the elevator button summoning it from the fifth floor to the first.

A small crowd of four people came up behind me and waited for what seemed like ever in the tensely quiet waiting area. When all five of us filed in, I pressed the button to the tenth floor penthouse and a younger man pressed the third floor for him and his accomplices.

Once the third floor had come and gone I was left in the dull metal walls of the elevator thinking about what the rest of my weeknights were going to look like.


I entered the keycode into the elevator keypad and the sturdy doors parted slowly revealing a man in his older forties sporting nothing but a pair of Calvin Klein socks.

"Oh boy," I inaudibly mumbled, "This is going to be a long evening."

The next morning I woke up in my apartment still wearing last night's smeared makeup and ruffled cocktail dress. When I shuffled out of my room my roommate was sitting with her back to me on the kitchen counter smooching up a storm with her chocolate pimp, her favorite one out of the group that rotates to monitor her.

"MHM," I over exaggerated my throat clearing, "Nice to see that you to are up and awake, but some of us worked last night and need a least one cup of coffee to even begin functioning."

Character Interjection: Here’s what you need to know about our roommate. When she was growing up as a teenager, she was a VERY sexually active child. She went from boy to boy to boy, and was never satisfied. The way that she first got into the escorting business, was when she was seventeen and ended up sleeping with the leader of a very powerful New York gang, Tyrone. He took such a liking to her that after the supposed one night stand, he background checked her. Learning that her name was Claire, she was a foster system failure, and had been legally homeless for three years. Seeing this info gave him all the ammo he needed to trick a desperate woman into a “shameful” profession by dangling money in her face. She’s been their personal weapon used against horny men, they get paid and sometimes even get information while she does all the work. That to me sound RIDICULOUS! Another thing they do that bugs me, is they while drive her to the client, follow her everywhere she goes, and watches everything she does. She has NO privacy, and the men that “protect” her are just random members of the gang. EWW!!

(Now back to the story)

My roommate slowed down the kiss and then turned to give me a sheepish grin. “Oh hey babe, I heard you come in late last night so I figured that you would sleep in a little longer.”

“Yea,” I sighed and my eyes went from her to the man in between her knees, “We need to talk, so can your boyfriend come back later to finish what he started.” My voice was colder than I meant for it to be, so Tyrone gave a head tilt and squinted his eyes.

“You know you can always come back to work for me. You know we have the best protection available,” he gave a devilish grin hinting at the fact that his men would enjoy a little extra entertainment.

I plastered on the fakest smile I could possibly manage, then said through gritted teeth, “ I would never come back to work for you and your goons, because you don’t pay properly. Trust me, I’ve tasted the amount of money that I should have been making and it wasn’t anywhere near what you were giving me, Rone.”

He lifted his chin up slightly and gave a small chuckle, “Well, at least your doing profitable; But what's that mark on your lower left jaw line?”

With that Claire, who had been staring at the floor avoiding conflict, shot up off the counter and sprinted towards me, grabbing my face in the process. “What the hell, Av! You didn’t tell me he was hitting you again!” Claire rarely gets mad, she’s just a mellow and carefree person, but she was royally pissed at that moment.

Brushing off her hands I turned to Tyrone and whispered, “ I was trying to be cordial, but you have a thick skull and over swollen ego. So I will say it like this, If you aren’t out of MY apartment in five seconds I walking back to my room, grabbing my gun, coming back out here, and then shooting your ass.” I was cool, calm, and collected, but Ty HATES to be threatened; sadly since I’m best friends with his gf/cash cow he has no choice but to LOVE me.

“I see, well Avalyn I wish you the best; gee I really hope nothing bad happens to you out there,” his wishes for good luck were about as real as the plastic flowers that decorated our kitchen table; but I let it go because I had already proved dominance.

Once Claire had kissed, hugged, and said goodbye to Rone she shut the door and spun around to face me so fast it nearly knocked me on my butt.

“You better start talking Av.”

Author Notes: This is the first story/chapter I have done, and it feels amazing! Hopefully there is some good feedback, and we'll see where this story blossoms from here. (I'd love to continue writing, even though I know I am making mistakes grammatically.) Thank you so much for reading!❤️

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