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Love & Destiny

Love & Destiny

By pantheon23

once upon a time there was a couple who loved each other for quite a long time.
but one day the girl had to leave the guy because her parents wanted to move somewhere else, so the girl explained it to the guy...
the guy wanted her to stay but he knew that she has no choice but to leave so the guy hugged her tight and said "I will look for you and prove to you that I will never stop loving you,just wait for me", the girl cried and they said goodbye to each other..

A year has passed and the guys moved to north Carolina with his parents,

One night the guy had a dream about the times that he and his girlfriend(the girl who left) had spent together and he dreamed about the time she left, he woke up at 1:43 because he cant believe his dream,
on the next day, he transferred to a school in north Carolina and during that day he bumped into a girl and he was so surprised because it was the guys (ex)girlfriend, they both hugged each other and the guy told her about his dream and the girl was shocked because the girl had the same dream and she woke up at the same time too which was 1:43 , after that they both realize that destiny brought them back together because they had the same dream and woke up at 1:43 which also means
1-4-3 or 1=I - 4=love - 3=you "I love you" :) .. I miss you stella :(

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29 Jun, 2011
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1 min
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