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Love For All, Hatred For None

Love For All, Hatred For None

By _vidhi_3015


​​​​​As we are all heading towards a different, completely new, amusing and hopefully blissful cycle of another set of three hundred sixty five beautiful sunrises, one resolution that must territorize in everybody's hearts has to be to love and care for each other even more, quite a way to revitalise ourselves from hatred. There is absolutely no need to wait for a change of dates to set oneself free from the restrictions that pulled you from trying something new. It is always easy for people to express their versions in the most unexpected ways , but holding it together at all times is what can daze you to your core. The decisions we will make this time may lead us to unfathomable doors we might like to open progressively. I strongly believe that today we can think how tomorrow can either make us thankful for our deeds done yesterday or turn into a fiasco to lose hope for the next event. The choice again, lies in our hands which takes no time to be a compulsion when it's too late. So, finally let us all search for something that ought to be reformed within ourselves or a quality to be added somehow. The audacity to make the world a better place to live through your little benevolent contributions will definitely prove to be good enough for your life one day.💜

Author Notes: Here's wishing all the readers a happy and peaceful new year 2021!!❤️✨.Thank you for reading this and if you liked it, let me know how you liked it with your review!🙏

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2 Jan, 2021
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