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Love For Eternity

Love For Eternity


There once was a girl name Rina she thought that she had met the love of her life. They dated for almost one or two years straight, she thought that all his words he said to her was true. At the end she did not see what was gonna hit her. They broke up and she told him in tears "I thought you loved me?... I thought u were gonna keep yours words of loving me forever and stay with me...??" That night she cried and never came out of her room to go to school and work. One day the guy text her and said that he was wrong, he should have kept her by his side, but he was to late, by the time he reached her door with flowers in his hands and heart broken, he saw her family carry out to the car and rushed to the hospital. When the guy saw that, his heart even broken more. He followed her family to the hospital and found out that she was having a hard time eating and never ate. She also had a disease that can kill her any day, anytime. When heard that he held her hand so tight and begged for her to come back and live with him forever. But he knows that it was to late, its no use. Than he finally remember the words and promises they made, that if one of them dies before the others does, they'll come back for each other. When he remember that he was so glad they made that promise because he really loved her so much. He no clue why he wanted to break up. He regret breaking up with her. He regret dating another girl that doesn't even love him for who he is, but only for what he got.
A couple months later he got really sick and passed away. He died with a smile, no one knew why, but he did. He died with a smile because he was glad that he got to see her again and get to stay with her until eternity.

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7 Nov, 2011
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