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love from one part

love from one part

By 2468

when i was 11 a new boy came to our school his name was naji he was in grade 7 .first antony he was my old boyfriend when i wanted to talk he would not let me i loved naji after many days he knew but he told his friends that he loves a stupid and selfish girl her name was joelle i saw her on fb and till now i am waiting from him to tell me something ..... and i will wait till the last second of my life then the funniest thing in this story is that my friend charbel did for me a song that is:first yara had a guy who she had to hide her frienf said ok and she was satisfied then naji came and acted cool and yara turned into a fool a fool for love she needed help from above witch one will she pick so she will make a hudge mistake antony is cute as he could be but naji is mystery witch will she choose witch one will win whitch one will lose heyheyheyhey! i wish that some can help me or tell me what i shall do!

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30 Oct, 2011

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