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Love Game

Love Game

By HSuys

“Yessssss…. He has liked our selfie, but hasn’t commented yet.”

“HE? Is there a HE?”

“Ooooooh… this is so exciting.”

“Hallo, missy. Who’s the HE? Do I know him?”

“Uhm… what did you say? Didn’t quiet catch that”.

“If I know this HE-person.”

“I don’t think so. Someone I knew while studying.”

“A nurse as well?”

“No, something to do with foreign languages, if I recall correctly.”

“An old flame?”

“You might say that.”

“What happened?”

“Frankly, nothing much. He was about to graduate and we kinda lost contact. Way then there was no internet or cellphones and we didn’t exactly live in each other’s neigbourhood.”

“But now, there is. Internet, I mean.”


“And now you guys are having contact after… how many years?”

“Ssssst, I’m afraid to count, I start feeling like an old woman now.”

“Come on, tell me.”

“There is not much to tell. You know, I haven’t séén him back yet, just some chating.”

“Would you like to?”

“I don’t know. On his profile, I saw he has two kids, but appearantly is not in a relationship.”

“So, what are you waiting for?”

“Maybe I’m not…”

“That’s why you were so cheerful when he liked the selfie.”

“Hahahaha… come one, let’s do some warming up and then I’ll beat you on court.”

“Ok, but put off your cellphone till after the game – otherwise you’ll keep wacthing it till HE has commented.”


“Hey, ladies, the game is still on, I see.”

“Yes, missy isn’t really concentrated.”

“Hush… do you have to tell him?”

“Tell me what?”

“Nothing, darling, I was just kidding. Say, this is the third set and we ran out of water. Would you mind getting us two bottles in the clubhouse?”


“Thanks, your a love.”

“I love you too, darling.”


“Geeh, that took you some time to fetch the water.”

“I know. There was an accident in the clubhouse. You remember the loose tile little Miss Safety – present here – made a least a dozen remarks about… well, some bloke stumbled over it. He fell and hit the ground. Badly, because he was heavily bleeding. The president’s wife even fainted seeing that amount of blood. So, we had some trouble with her as well.”

“Jeeez, I’ll have to assist. Quickly.”

“Don’t bother, we’ve called the ambulance. Listen, there they are.”

“Who was it?”

“Never seen the man and nobody seems to know him. How did the game end.”

“Miss Safety won.”


“What’s the matter?”

“HE sent a message – he’s coming to watch the game.”


“An old flame of hers.”

“Aha… That’s what all the secrecy was about. Show me, what does he look like?”

“Here’s a picture of him, couple of weeks old.”

“… uhm… I think I have some bad news. I’ve seen this man before… a couple of minutes ago.”

The End

Author Notes: Hervé SUYS (°1968 - Ronse, Belgium) started writing short stories whilst recovering from a sports injury and hasn't stopped yet. He usually writes them hatless and barefooted.

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About This Story
11 Apr, 2022
Read Time
2 mins
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