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By george

I love you babe! You're the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with!
How sweet it is to hear those words from the person you loved the most. It's really lovely to envision your future with him/her together making a happy family with kids as fruits of your love. All those words were music to our ears, right? HMMM...but not all of them do come true 'coz behind those words were dark motives, all lies. A monster that devours weak soul and my mom was one of the victims.end up becoming bitter.:(
Let's talk about bad romance. How many hearts had been broken because of believing all of those promises? , Too many to count. It's really irresistible, too many falls at the pitfall made by the strongest force on earth, LOVE. How many dreams had been broken, how many lives had been destroyed? It's very sad to think that most had experienced this pain. Some were not able to endure pain that they ended up killing themselves. Some were taking the wrong roads and were not able to get back to the right lane. Some were lucky to use that sad experience to get up and found the best for them: D.
I still remember one time as I'm reminiscing the past. I used to hear my friends complained about their love life. They had fight with their bf/gf and they broke up. They ended up getting drunk and whining about how painful it is. They would say they had regrets why they were into relationship and promised not to do it again but after a day or two I heard that they were on again...haizt on and off relationship...the cool down process. I was quite curious about it and had thought of trying it myself if I can manage that stuff.
I did an experiment and was able to learn from it. I found my subject who had the qualities that I am looking for, the PLAYER. It was really complicated and very demanding. It's a losing game. Out of it, one thing is for sure, everything that we do really have its corresponding consequences. What matters then is how we manage those consequences. It's how we control our feelings, how we govern our emotions. I did too much during my experiment, and it was worth the risk. I know I did something wrong but doing it is the only way for me to prove my hypothesis.
"When we crave for something we would do our best to have them. And after our desire was sufficed, we lose interest in them and look for another stuff to savor". That's our animal instinct,,,and we cannot escape from it.
PS: I was just inspired by my dad, and I had proven that I really inherited his traits. I was just the girl version of him. Thanks papa for believing in me, I know there are many predators around, and I'm not that stupid not to smell them J J J

Author Notes: just this ordinary Kiddo who tries to be brave and tough

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27 Mar, 2013
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2 mins
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