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love gone to waste

love gone to waste

By lovedays

Machete in hand, blood dripping from the sharp edges,Dally walked away from the dead body that had tried to kill her. She showed him. That was for sure. In this crazy world you could get away with just about anything.
Swinging her machete back in its sling, she made her way out of the dark and cold alley. She had really scored tonight. Dally had found eighty dollars of this guy. One night in a hotal was all she needed. She had always wondered why people had tried to kill her. Now she knew why; why all her childhood was spend running, neverending. Never knowing why she had no parents. her life, she felt,was a sad mistake. But at least she finally knew why so many men and women had tried to kill an inncent little girl. It was all because of the stupid mark on her left forearm. The cresent shaped birthmark actaully ment something. It ment she was one of the ones who could kill the Evil one. Whoever he was, and right now she didn't care. All she cared aout was finding a good hotal to stay at. And as soon as she found the comfy bed, she crashed, not really caring who would try and kill her next.
The next morning she woke to a man holding a gun to her head. She very slowly tried to reach and get her machete, but it had been taken away from her. Smart people, she thought to herself.
"What do you want with me? I never choose to be like this!" she said, her voice hoarse.
"Oh you know why, little girl, hah,you know why" his voice was like listening to a meat grinder.
" Ok, OK i'll stop with the games." As soon as she said this she twised the guys musclely arm and grabbed the gun, and pointed it to the man's bald head.
"Kill me now, if you must." He said.
"Its about survial, not killing." Was all she said.
grabbing her machte, which was on the floor, Delly took the bullets out of the gun and tossed it to the confused man.
Opening the door, Delly asked "Hey do you know where i can find The Evil One? Hmm big guy?"
"Try underground, where the cresent moon is, thats all i know." He said shakily.
Delly was already gone.
Underground? Cresent moon? Really? While she was thinking this she tripped over a bump in the road. What the heck? Looking down she saw a circle, about the size of a good sized desk. The middle had a cresnt moon on it. Kneeling down she saw that there was writing on it, in a different laugue. It looked like old greek. Somehow Delly could read it.
She read outloud," Only she can read this, only you can enter." While saying this, the circle opened. Looking down into the blackness, Delly knew she had to go in, this was ment for her. Jumping down, Delly felt doom enter her body. A terrible feeling it was. The circle closed, and then she heard a voice, a voice that sound as sweet as doves, but somehow had a low, rich, pitch.
"So you finally found me,"the voice said.
"Could you at least put some light on so i can actually see this person whom i am sopoused to kill?" She said in her most couragoues voice.
"I guess." As soon as he said that a brigh tlight came on and reviled to be a a young man about her age ( about sixteen) that had brown hair that was choppy and handsom. Delly never expted to find some one like this.
"From your that look on your face it seems as if your surpried hmm?"
"M-mabye." Delly's voice stutered.
"Well you have a choice, you can either kill me now our you can live with me, forever. Although i have to let you know, i have killed alot of people, and have hurt even more." He sounded sad saying this statement.
"Why should i choose to live with you?! The one who has made my life hell?!" She said, her voice and anger rising.
"Because i-i love you! i always have and always will. You don't know this, but i've waited for you, i've lounged for you! Please be mine!" The handsome man said.
Delly couldn't think, all she could do was watch him die by her hand.

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About This Story
30 Jul, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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