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Love has no apperance.

Love has no apperance.

By resie

When ever i walk home from school i would see this girl.

She must go to school somewhere else because i never see her around my school.

She has long black hair,smooth soft cheeks,skinny body,blue eyes,and she's a little shorter than me.

Knowing me i was to scared to talk to her.

We would past each other everyday but I'd always look the other way.

The next day i decided i was going to talk to her.

When i was walking home from school i saw her running from some boys.

She ran behind me holding my arms,she ask if i would tell them to leave her alone.

I told the boys to leave her alone.

The boys called me names for protecting her.

I didn't care as longs she was ok.

After that me and her became fast friends.

We walk home everyday after school together holding hands.

I decided to go ahead and ask her.

I told her that i really like her and i wanted her to be my girlfriend.

What she told me shock me i couldn't believe what she just told me.

She said she was sorry for not telling me sooner.

She said she hope it wouldn't effect our friendship.

I told her why would it effect our friendship.

She said yes to being my girlfriend.

I mean him.

The moral of this story is would you love someone for being themself or not being themself.

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About This Story
9 Mar, 2011
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1 min
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