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love has no bounderies

love has no bounderies

By chloeboii96

I am just a faded photograph, one that seems to remain in the past. How could you just forget me, pretend that i never existed, how could you. I thought u loved me, but your actions said differnt, the way you stole my breath, how you stopped my heart from beating, how u left me dying alone.
Or the way your hands wrapped around my neck, each snap of my brittle bones, my blood that stains ur clothes. How could u just leave me take away all that i held dear. U stole my very last breath, ur face was the last thing i saw. U pretend that nothing has happend, but i do i know u see, i cant tell , i know ur secret but who can i tell, no one can hear me no one can see me all because of u i am alone. I will make sure that u nevr forget me, i'll be the last thing u see when u sleep at night, and now it's my turn to show you how much i love u. for years have i waited for the moment i could remind u of what u have done to me and now i'll make sure that we will be together , i wnt be alone anymore because know i have u, and now i have taken what is rightfully mine. Remeber That i love u sweetie ur time is soon to come, ur last breath belongs to me, we have a bargin remeber !?
U OWE ME ! Chloe John :)

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30 Jan, 2011
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1 min
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