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Love Hurts

Love Hurts

By LoveHurts22

Have you ever thought someone cared about you ,but they just end up hurting you ? Love hurts and so does getting stabbed in the back. People think hurting other people is fun and that nothing will happen because of their actions. Words hurt and no matter how many times you apologies the person can't forget what you said. Being bullied and looked down on is not fun. My story is not one of happiness and smiles, it's one of tears and scars that will never go away. A life of bullying that never seems to end. My heart was broken the day people started calling me fat or ugly. Why must people judge people for their appearance ? Why can't people see everyone is different and not everybody is "perfect" ? I have been called so many things and I'm tired of the hate. So many times I wonder why is this happening to me ,but in the end I just ignore the people and show them that no matter what they say I'm going to fight for my right to live a great life. Ignore the people who seek to ruin your life and be strong for the people around you who are going through the same thing. Don't give up no matter what anybody says to you. We might not all be "perfect" ,but we all deserve a chance to live an amazing scar free life. People may hurt you I know the feeling ,but don"t show them your pain it only brings them more joy. Stand up for yourself and don't give in to the pain.  
                                                                                         - LOVE HURTS 22 

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10 Jul, 2014
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