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Love In A Bottle

Love In A Bottle

By Breanna Bodden

On the bed of a two story old style home, a girl was crying. she has just gotten a prank call telling her she was ugly and she should kill herself. she felt that no one would every be able to love her. she had been bullied her own life but had never had friends. she wiped the tears from her eyes and decided to join her mom in heaven. she went to the bathroom and took out her fathers razorblade. just as she was about to take it to her wrists, the doorbell rang. sighing she set it down and went to the door. she opened it and found a bottle on the front steps.
she picked up the bottle and went inside. puling off the cork and throwing it across the room, she prayed that it was not another mean note. she started to read it. in doing so her spirits lifted beyond the stars.
dear sally
I am the new boy that is in your class. I think you are cute and I want to be your boyfriend. I know 13 is to young and love does not exist. but I love you and I want you to be with me forever.
sincerely, chris
the next day she told the boy yes, and a couple years, she told the story of how she nearly killed herself. they grew up and married. Chris considers himself the lucky one because he got the gal of his dreams. but it was the girl who was lucky, because any later and the girl would have died. she still keeps the note and the bottle to this day. she wishes to forever have her love around. her love in a bottle

Author Notes: never kill yourself. someone always loves you

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About The Author
Breanna Bodden
About This Story
24 Oct, 2014
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1 min
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