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Love Is About Leaving
Love Is About Leaving

Love Is About Leaving


Did you ever cheated in your life? -Shira (my bestfriend).

All of my life? (He smirked) No. - Klein said.

I walked towards them and then laugh sarcasticly. Shira stands letting Klein's hand drop.

"ohh how great! (I clapped my hands) you? What? Did not cheated even once? Wowww" (i felt water drowing in my eyes).

Shira's lips is now forming,,,,, knowing that anytime she's going to explain. But before i'll let that happen I begun uttering words...

"eyy hey Shira i thought you're going to meet your `friend`?" I asked smilingly as tears slowly rip. Now, i looked at Klein and saw how shock he is. That kind of face. That kind of expression. Sh** am I......

"Xine what the.. what are you talking about? Are you hallu..." i didn't let him to finish his sentence.

"I'm talking about you and this kind of situation Klein. How many times do you want me to see this?(my body is now trembling, heavy breath is now taking) This exact thing that happened two years ago? Huh?" here it comes again shaakkss the pain of betrayal _;

"Xine lets go home. You're making a sho----booogsssh.


As I opened my eyes I saw him near at the door talking to a doctor.

"Her hypernia is getting more dangerous, whatever or whenever you are make sure to have or bring paper bag. By the way her noradrenaline is kept on remembering those painful memories. Stay put on her"

"I'm afraid (he said as slowly reaching the bed i'm in) that somehow i'd lost you Xine. Can you please think only those good memories that we had together? Huh?" i saw water forming on his eyes. If only i can Klein. If i can only store good memories in my brain...i will... but NO. I CAN'T.. it keeps on reminiscing me that... "because if you can't..can (now he's crying) can you just please let me go? Because its killing me inside knowing that i am the main reason of your anxiety Xine. the main reason why you're suffering from hypernia. Xine I can't stand with that fact that the things happened two years ago are the contents of your noradrenaline"

" Et tu, Klein? Are you tired? Are you going to leave me TOO like mom and dad did? Sh** Klein if only youd explained to me earlier what happened that day,, maybe i won't see any vision of her with you. If only youd explained to me that she just needed someone to rely on because she's depress and don't want to bother me because my mom and dad is planning on divorce too..maybe.. maybe Shira is still alive today, breathing and smiling like she always did."

"See? I am the reason Xine. I AM. I don't have the guts to leave you but ..Xine it is for you..i think you kept on hallucinating because you kept on seeing me. That two years? I tried my very best to make only good memories with you..for you to forget what had happened but each passing day its becoming worsen, exacerbated which turn you on having hypernia, anxiety and even hallucination" he stand and said" Xine i think today is enough. I'm tired to myself" he began walking,, now,,all i can see is his back " to this kind of situation" he suddenly stopped and looked at me "and to you".

Author Notes: Let me hear your thoughts`_^

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14 May, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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