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Love Is Blind (Part 1)
Love Is Blind (Part 1)

Love Is Blind (Part 1)

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I clutch my older brother’s sleeve as he guides me into my new school. Lockers clang, and other students chatter loudly, making it near impossible to tell where I am or hear my own thoughts. “Eren?” I say. He runs a finger over the top of my knuckles.

“Calm down, Star. It's fine. We’re almost to the front office. Only a few more steps.” He murmurs. “They are gonna assign someone to you that way you are alone or anything. This person will be in all of your classes. He will guide you to and from class and will stay with you until you graduate, alright?” I reach up. Eren guides my hands to his face. I run my fingers feather-lightly over his face, from his hairline to his chin. He’s smiling.

“Don't worry about me, Eren. I'm fine. I assure you that nothing will go wrong and i’ll be safe… by myself.” I add. He chuckles and ruffles my hair.

“NIce try but no.” he grasps my hand and leads me through the hallway.

“Stardust, this is Levi Ackerman. He’ll be your guide and he will be in each of your classes. Alright?” The Principle says.

“Fine.” i say, really hating this idea. I flip my hair.

“Most girls would die to be in your place, Stardust.” A deeper voice cuts in. I roll my sightless blue eyes.

“Most girls are easy, too. But i ain't one of them.” i snap.

“Ooh… feisty. I like her.” Something is slipped around my wrist. “Just a bracelet that says who your guide is.” I twist my hands so i can feel his palms. Soft, but also tough.

“You are officially under Levi’s care. IF you two get seperated, someone will bring you back to him.”

“What if i walk away for a valid reason? Like, he annoys me or something?” There’s a chuckle. “What's so funny?”

“I know your brother well. When i was told that i’d have his sister as my charge, i thought you were just like him. Nice to know you’re not. But i am curious about you now.”

“Curiosity killed the bloody cat.”

“Satisfaction brought him back.” Levi retorts.

“Or Satan.” i mutter.

Author Notes: there will be more as i write it

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5 Apr, 2019
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