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Love Is Blind (Pt 10)
Love Is Blind (Pt 10)

Love Is Blind (Pt 10)

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I’m in Levi’s arms, slow dancing around the living room. He traces his fingers up and down my spine. I sigh and press myself closer.

“Is it selfish to ask if we can continue where we left off?” He whispers. I nuzzle his neck.

“No. It’s not selfish.” I murmur.My phone rings, shattering our perfect moment. I groan and pull away to open it. Levi leaves the room.

“Stardust?” (Yes that is her full name) Hanji’s voice is panicked .

“What's wrong?” I say.

“Levi’s missing!” She cries. “He hasn’t been home all night and no one knows where he is!” She sounds completely panicked. I race to my room and slip a pair of shoes on along with my jacket. “No one’s seen him in couple days and I’m scared that he’s something stupid.” She continues. I’m heading towards the door when Levi walks back in.

“Where are you going, love?”

“Levi’s missing.” I say. Levi raises an eyebrow. I turn red. “Hanji, Levi is not missing. He is here. With me.” I say, stepping out of my shoes. Levi gives me a look. “Oh, shut up Levi. I was stuck in a bit of panic. If it had been my name Hanji had said, you would have reacted the same way.” I roll my eyes. He smiles faintly.

“Alright. Thanks.” Hanji says. I hang up.

“Does she often call you about me?”

“No. usually she won't even mention you to me.Because of the fact that I was still trying to get over you.”



I climb the fire escape to the roof. The sun is just beginning to set, sending pinks and oranges and reds dancing across the sky. I lean against the railing and watch the sun set. The fire escape creaks and squeaks as someone climbs up.

“Beautiful view.” Levi’s voice says.

“The sunset looks beautiful tonight.”

“Wasn’t talking about the sunset, love.” He wraps his arms around me from behind and rests his chin on my shoulder.

“Perv.” He laughs and kisses my ear.

“Thank you.” he whispers.

“For what?”

“Giving me another chance.”

“Just don't fuck it up.”

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10 May, 2019
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