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Love Is Blind (Pt 6)
Love Is Blind (Pt 6)

Love Is Blind (Pt 6)

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I fidget nervously and turn in Levi's general direction, opening my mouth.

"Don’t say a word." He snaps. I close my mouth and turn away. The moment his car stops in my driveway I grab my cane and get out. I don’t say a word as I close the door. Turning the doorknob, I find out that it’s locked. I remember then that my keys are in Levi's car. I sit on the steps and tell Siri to call Levi. He answers right before it goes to voicemail. "What the hell do you want, Star?"

"My keys are in your car."

"I don’t care."

"The sooner I get my keys, the sooner I’m out of your hair."

"Fine, I will be there on 10." There’s the click of him hanging up. I blink back tears.

"It’s alright, Star. This will all be alright soon. Just give him some space and all will be well." Eren's voice plays through my head. I hear the purr of Levi's car pulling in my driveway. Then footsteps.

"Hold your hand out." He says. I do and Levi drops my keys into my hand. "We used to be so happy. What went wrong?"

"Eren died. And we lost sight of each other trying to get over it. I immersed myself in school. And you were too busy with work. And we grew lonely, but instead of filling that loneliness with each other, we filled it with activities."

"Can we fix it?"

"I don’t know" tears streak down my face as I say that.

"Can we even try?"

"We could... but wouldn’t it be slowing down the inevitable?"

"I love you." His voice breaks.

"As I love you."

"Does this mean we are over?"


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7 May, 2019
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