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Love Is Blind (Pt 7)
Love Is Blind (Pt 7)

Love Is Blind (Pt 7)


For three months, me and Levi haven’t spoken to each other, seen each other, or even been near each other. I got correctional eye surgery, So I can see again for the first time since I was 10.

I live on my own. I don't know what Levi looks like, so I don’t have to worry about seeing him and thinking about him or being stuck in memories. I still hang out with Hanji and Erwin. Annie was pregnant when Eren died. She gave the baby to Hanji. Said she couldn’t handle looking into Eren’s eyes for the rest of her life. We don't talk anymore. We remind each other of Eren. Mikasa moved somewhere foreign and is dating someone named Jean. Hanji occasionally drops info about Levi, simply so I know he’s alright. Last I heard he was buying an apartment. Never heard anything since, and that was a few months ago. Hanji and Erwin welcome a baby girl come July. They are naming her Ryn. After my brother.

As for how I’m doing, I’m working on myself. I can read better than anyone I know, and I run daily. I’m looking at colleges. I’ve been accepted to a school in Tokyo that I’m contemplating going to. It would be nice to get away. Get away from memories of me and Levi and memories of me and Eren. I miss him like hell. I couldn’t live in that house anymore. No matter what room I’m in, I could hear him. Hear him while I’m doing an essay, hear him while I was eating. He never left me alone. I moved in an apartment building. I live on the top floor.

I still cry every night. I have nightmares where I wake up screaming for Levi. I still love him. And I don’t think I will ever stop.

Author Notes: More to be posted today

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8 May, 2019
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