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Love Is Blind (Pt 8)
Love Is Blind (Pt 8)

Love Is Blind (Pt 8)


A year later-

My alarm clock forces me out of the light sleep I finally drifted into. I check my phone as I shut the alarm clock off. One missed call. Levi Ackerman. I breath catches and I listen to the voicemail.

“Star… I just… I don’t know why I called… I wanted to hear your voice… One last time… I know I should let you go… It’s not healthy, I know. But I can’t just stop loving you… And I know it's like 2 AM and that you’ll probably see the missed call and delete it before you even listen… But I had a dream about us. And it made me realize how much I miss you and I miss what we had… And I-I really want to see you… Please… Call me back” Levi’s voice breaks multiple times. I delete the message and find that me also texted me.

From Levi:

Hey. I know you won’t reply to this. But I just tried to call you. You didn’t answer obviously… And I know you probably think I’m drunk. But I’m not. And I miss you like hell. And I’ve been sitting outside your apartment building all night, hoping you’d come out. And I know that’s creepy but I need to see you. I’m sorry, Star… I really am. For everything. I love you.


I don't change from my bright pink tanktop and short shorts as I race out the door and down the stairs, into the cold winter air. My blonde hair tangles around my fingertips and suddenly there’s a jacket over my shoulders and I turn around. I find myself staring into steel- gray eyes. The man smiles faintly.

“God, I missed you.” Levi’s voice comes out of his mouth. I pull him into my apartment.

Author Notes: There will be more

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8 May, 2019
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