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Love Is Blind (Pt 2)
Love Is Blind (Pt 2)

Love Is Blind (Pt 2)

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“What’s so bad about having Levi Ackerman as your guide? Who knows, he may be a nice guy and you could fall in love with him.” Annie says. Judging by the sudden warmth next to me and the shift of the bench under me, she sat down by my side, instead of by Eren like she usually does. I sigh.

“As if. He’s an arrogant, self-righteous, emotionless, boring, stick-in-the-mud. She has better taste than that, don't you Star?” Another voice says. I can't distinguish who it is until Annie says,

“Mikasa! That was so rude!” I roll my sightless blue eyes.

“I’m not so sure I have better taste, to be quite honest. After all, it’s not like guys are lining up to date me. Who wants the blind girl, though? No one.” I say. I feel the bench under me shift slightly upwards, signalling that someone got up. I reach my right hand out and run it feather lightly down Levi’s arm. He runs his finger tips over my knuckles, still talking about something you need a Y-chromosome to understand. I bring my hand back to my lap. I hear a giggle.

“You have a crush!” Annie says.

“What!?! No! Of course not! I barely know him! Why are we having this conversation? Annie, how was your date with my brother?” I change the subject, feeling the table in front of me for my apple.

“Yes! Tell me- er… us- everything!” Mikasa adds. Warmth envelopes me moments before Levi slings an arm across my shoulders.

“Sorry, ladies, but it’s time for class.” Levi cuts in. I run my fingers over the table to pick up my trash. The table is bare.


“I asked Jean to take it up.” He interrupts. I sigh. “Come on. Do you need help?”

“No. I’m not an invalid. I’ve been doing things like taking my trash up and climbing out of benches my whole life. Stunning, I know, but it’s true.” I snap. He chuckles.

“Damn you’re something else.” He mutters. I slide out of the bench.

“Can we go now?”

“Of course, love.”

“Don't call me love. I'm not your love. I am simply your charge.” I cross my arms over my chest. He chuckles again.

Author Notes: Please read part one in order to understand

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26 Apr, 2019
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