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Love is Simple
Love is Simple

Love is Simple


Why does it hurt

Even when you love me so?

Have you forgotten how to flirt

Or is just my over thinking beginning to flow?

I fell in love with you

With your smile and eyes

The love only grew

With every sunrise

But something is wrong

And I can’t tell you what

I feel like I don’t belong

It’s just something in my gut

I know you through and through

Your favorite color and food

Your shampoo and how to take care of you when you have the flu

I know your mood and I know when not to intrude

I know what to say when your upset

And what to do when you loose your head

Your flaws and quirks are no threat

I’ve come to love them instead

Where the problem lies is on the other side

When I was upset or lost my head

Where were you when I cried

You just up and fled

When I need comfort

When I speak

The words just suffer

Because your ears are weak

When I need trust

Or sympathy at last

You just combust

And I am left aghast

Why do you not love me so

How do you not notice the flaw

It hits me like a weighted blow

Every time I am left in awe

I wish for open arms

And long conversations

Instead of alarms

And rash assumptions

I hope you can see

What you are doing to me

Or maybe this is just how it will be

Should I stay or should I flee?

I hope you see the key

To make me disagree

You just need to love me for me

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14 May, 2020
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1 min
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