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Love story

Love story

By Nooneimportant

A boy sits in class staring at a girl, astounded by her beauty. Her beauty is not just her physical appearance she's so kind hearted a nice to all. He wants to ask her out but he really scared. So he just sits in his class imagining what it would be like to be with her. He can't help but to have a smile on his face. Theres a big dance coming up soon he wants to ask her so bad. But he's way to intimidated her beauty just frightens him so much. So the dance comes and he's alone. He stand with his head down when all of a suden someone touchs his sholder so he turns real quick and he sees something that shocks him. It her the girl she says one thing want to dance? He stands there unable to talk and then he mutters the word yes. A smile appears on her face. And as there dancing she says I have liked you for a long time. And then they share there frist kiss.

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About This Story
25 Mar, 2011
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<1 min
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