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Love Talks
Love Talks

Love Talks

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Love Talks

Alex and Anna had one thing in common. They both like sitting near a lake. They usually discuss about their school life and surrounding. They were best friends and best buddies. But that day…
“Why don’t you try Emma? ”, asked Anna. She looked surprisingly towards Alex. “I know it’s hard for an average looking guy to find a girl. But can try.”
“Emma, no. I mean… wait! Average looking. Who’s average looking? Hey respect my looks you witch.” Alex said in anger.
Anna laughed and said, “yes, my handsome buddy. You are not less than George Clooney. Anyways, can I ask you something? ”
Alex smiled, “yes, you can ask and no one can stop you.”
“Do you like me as a best friend? I mean… like ‘like’ not like ‘love’.” Anna asked.
She was continuously looking at Alex glittering eyes. She felt the moment of happiness in that silence.
“Yes, you are my bestie. I like you,” Alex said. He hold Anna’s soft hand. “why do you asked me that? ”
“Because… there’s something more in it. The thing is —”
“What?”, Alex asked.
“I love you. I truly, deeply love you.” Anna said. She was a bit afraid. “… . I just want you to be in my love life.”
“… . Uh! Why do you love me?”
“Buddy don’t ask questions. I love you. And you can’t get a better girl than me,” Anna said. “Just be my boyfriend and don’t say ‘no’.”
“… . No… I mean yes,” Alex laughed. “You are really weird my lover. And yes, yes I love you Anniee.”
They both were laughing aloud. Anna looked at Alex and hugged him prettily.
“You are weird, I’m weird. We are the best combination,” she smiled. “BTW, you can say thanks to me.“
“Thanks for what?”
“You know… . In this modern age; I don’t think you can get a girl. But now you got me,” she said. “After all you are average looking.”
Alex said, “Yup, I know. Thanks.”

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10 Jun, 2020
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