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love you for ever

love you for ever

By goosey1727

“If you don’t want me to go then tell me and il stay Lisa” said Tyrell
How was I meant to choose between my happens and his.
“No its fine babe you must go and have fun” I put on a happy face and smiled at him as if I meant it , of course I dint want him to go , it would mean not being able to talk to him for 2 months , I couldt do that I could hardly go a weekend without talking to him , but I know how much he wanted to do this and I couldt stand in his way .
We sat on the couch and watched TV for a bit and he talked about how happy he was that he was going, and all the things he was going to do and see. yet the only thing going through my head was 2 months not talking to him , what if he fell in love with some1 else ? Then what would happen to me, to us , to our lives .
I fell asleep on his shoulder that night and I had a dream about Tyrell
He was in Iran working in one of the hospital there, like he was going to do . there was a bomb in his ward and every1 was evacuated but Tyrell stayed trying to get a few people who had lost limbs in the war to get out, there was one more person who the doctors thought wouldt make it anyways, but Tyrell being the good hearted person he was had to go back and get him as ran back in the building the bomb exploded and the hole ward was destroyed.
I woke up in a cold sweat in an empty bed , Tyrell had already left , I had to stop him I looked at the time it was 430 am his plan left at 5am , I looked on his pillow and saw a note from him
Babe I couldt wake u up you looked so peaceful ill call you when I land in Iran iv turned my phone of now to save the battery , I want u to know I love you and you my whole life always remember that ok I’m going to miss u so much , if u would have asked I would have stayed , love u 4eva ty
It was no use phoning him I have to get to the air port to stop him , so in my JPs I jumped in the car and sped off to the airport I got there at 450 and ran to the departing sector , asked them where D43 was and ran there as fast as I could , the plan was just taking off , I fell to the ground and cried , I remembered him writing in his note that he would phone me I would just have to wait for his call and tell him to come home
At 615pm the phone rang and I was sitting right there to answer it , it was Tyrell
“Hey babe, I’m here safe and sound”
“angel listen to me I need you here with me , I love you to much to let u go for 2 months please come home as soon as you can , you the reason why I get up in the morning its crazy that u have changed me so much to learn to trust someone as much as you babe im asking you please come home”
There was a long pause and then he laughed and said
“babe u a funny girl I wish you would have told me yesterday it would have saved me the flight , but ok il stay the night here and come home tomorrow on the first flight , I love you Lisa”
“Thanks babe I love you more bye”
I felt such a sigh of relief he was coming home tomorrow , that night I went to bed with a smile on my face I slept so sound and woke up so happy in the morning , I walked into the TV room singing and turned the tv on to the news
“it’s not sure what happened or how many lives were lost on the plain but among the dead this the south African charity doctor Mr. Tyrell Tourch………..” the rest was a blur and a fell to the ground crying I had lost him for ever now , I should have just told him to stay in the first place .

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6 Dec, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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