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Love you forever and always

Love you forever and always

By jazzyboy

It was a Monday; a great day for going to school. I had a dog. His name was Jazz. He was one of my only friends. People make mistakes all the time and today, I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. It was 7:25 AM and my sister and I were walking down our long driveway to go catch the buss and my 9 month old puppy; Jazz followed us. He was running ahead of us happily jumping through the grass chacing butterflies and grasshoppers. When we got to the end of our driveway, my sister and I sat on the bench wile my dog ran across the street. Thats when things got out of control. Cars started driving up and down the street and Jazz was chacing them. Every time a car would come I would jump up and run to try to get him but he just chaced the car about 10 feet before coming back. He did this until 7:32 AM. I calculated the time. A car came. Jazz ran to greet it. It happened so fast. I heard the brakes screech and my dog yelp. The car stopped and I saw my dog lying in the middle of the road having a seizure. I ran to him, tears running down my cheeks. This is when I knew he was run over. When I got to him I fell to my knees. He was still alive. I pet the side of his neck that wasn't spewing with blood. The whole side of his face was bloody. I could see the bones in his legs. He was yelping and that made me cry more and more. He was all I had. My BEST friend. And he was dieing in pain and I couldn't do anything to help him. I just sat there sobbing and telling him how much I loved him and that I was sooooo sorry for letting this happen to him. I listened as his yelping stopped and he stopped breathing. Thats when I knew..... He was dead. :(

Good bye Jazz. I love you. Be good in heaven for me. You were and always will be my shooting star. I hope your having fun up there in heaven still chasing those grasshoppers. Hope you find your mother up there. I pray for you every night that you will be safe with God. Good bye my. Jazz my angel. <3 :(

Author Notes: Ever since that dreadful day. I have been crying myself to sleep. Its been 5 months and he is in EVERY SINGLE dream I have. Jazz is always there. Watching over me. Thats the only sign of his presence to me.

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29 Oct, 2012
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2 mins
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