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He Sat. Watching. The figure sat there watching back. He knew who is was.
"Theresa" He said finally.
"No" She responded.
He watched.
She smiled.
Then Nothing.

Leo was 14 when he met Theresa. Both were in the 8th grade. It was winter. Both very pale and skinny. Not short, but not tall.

Leo was 15 when he told her he loved her.

Leo was 16 when Theresa and he went all the way. Leo said it was out of love. Theresa wrote all about it in her diary.

That day. In January. When Leo and Theresa had their first full contact relation, marked a day of happiness. Of Joy. Of love.

Leo became more "in love" as he would say. But reality, and he knew it, somewhere in his mind he knew it, Leo was becoming more jealous. More possessive over sweet Theresa.

Theresa loved him. She would do anything for him. She loved sex. She loved that intimacy, that loving moment with Leo and she intended for more. Much more.

On the day of their second time, Theresa kissed Leo.
"I love you" she whispered.
Leo, still catching his breath, just watched.
She smiled.
He thought to himself. About his mother.
He looked at her and smiled.
"I love you too".

Theresa had many guy friends.
This Leo knew.
This Leo despised.
He saw how she acted towards them.
He hated it.
He hated them.
But not sweet Theresa.
He loved Theresa.
This he told himself.

It hadn't even been a week until their third time.
"I'm addicted to you" Theresa said suggestively.
Leo felt a sense of reassurance.
None of those guys she hungout with had her love.
And none she was addicted to.
He thought to himself while smiling at her.
He was happy. It was good.
She was addicted to him.
Him better than anyone else.
Why be Jealous? Why care?
"She is addicted to me" he thought.
"I love you, Theresa" He whispered.

Leo hated John.
John was a dick.
A dick who Leo knew liked Theresa.
What a dick.

On their fourth time Theresa smiled.
"You lasted alot longer that time, baby"
"hopefully making it better for you"
"I loved it" she said in a sluttish voice.
He hated it.

She likes John.
Leo knew it.
He knew she liked John.
Leo knew it.
He knew it.

On their fifth time Leo watched her eyes.
"It's been a week today since our first time" he said.
Theresa smiled
"What do you think?" he asked.
She watched him.
Finally she spoke
"Do you hate John?"
He hated the moron.
"I do" he answered very monotone.
"Okay, just... Okay"
He said nothing.
He had nothing.

Their sixth time was sad.
The finished, she looked at him
"I love you"
"I love you too"
"So.. tomorrow?
"yeah, okay"
And they followed through.

Now it was everyday.
They were addicted to sex.
Leo loved her.
She loved Leo.

Call her. Leo sat.
He thought.
He wanted to call her.
He did.
"hey" she answered
"want to meet again today?"
"twice in one day?" She was smiling
They did.

They no longer met together just to be together. It was sex.
Their 11th time.
Theresa looked at him.
"Leo, I love you. I do. I want to marry you"
"So do I" he said
"Leo, I really do. I really love you"
"I love you too, Theresa"
She became sad.
"What wrong?"
She waited.
Finally she said:
"I kissed John"
"But I'm telling you because I'm sorry and I want to be honest with you and I love you! I only want you and I only love you!"
"What'd you two do?"
"We... we madeout" She answered quickly.
"what else?
"Love, its okay! I only love you!"
They were sitting up now.
"what else?" He was monotone.
"I took off his shirt. He felt me. Nothing more!" quicker still.
John. He thought about it.
Fuck fuck fuck fuck.
"It's okay" He said.
She smiled
"I love you, Theresa."
"oh, I love you too!"
"I won't leave you"
She kissed him.
Those lips. Not her own.
He hated her.

He sat. Watching. The figure sat there watching back. He knew who it was.
"Theresa" He said finally.
"no" she responded.
He watched
She smiled
Then nothing.

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12 Oct, 2010
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3 mins
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